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Composite Waterproof Roll

    ˇ°Keyanˇ± brand composite waterproof roll is a kind of new-type waterproof material made in composite of high-polymer sheet material and staple needle-punched geotextile. The product may be classified as PVC composite waterproof roll, HDPE composite waterproof roll, LDPE composite waterproof roll and EVA composite waterproof roll according to the different materials used for high-polymer sheet material;
    The width of the composite waterproof roll is normally 2-4 meters with its length to be determined based on actual construction conditions. 

Waterproofing membrane

Product Application:
    1ˇ˘Suitable for waterproof projects as tunnels, grain depots, air defense projects, wastes landfill sites and artificial lakes etc;
    2ˇ˘Underground waterproofing of buildings: Waterproofing for various sections and parts of reservoirs, dams, ponds, water channels and basements;
    3ˇ˘Used for roof waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings including roots used for plantation, flat roofs and sloping roofs.  

Composite geomembrane production

Technical Parameters: