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Water Swelling Strip

    With excellent-performance bentonite used as the basic raw material, the water swelling strip is produced through physical and chemical modification to have excellent water-swelling performance and the good flexibility of normal elastomer. Because of its excellent viscosity, the strip may be directly attached on the interfaces between the concrete construction joint and after- pouring joint; the product is only used before the secondary concrete pouring (namely the strip is covered by the concrete); the product is an ideal environmentally friendly waterproof material and has been widely used in many large and medium-sized water conservancy projects around the country.
    The product will get swelled gradually once in contact with water, which can on one hand plug the capillary pores that may possibly exist and on the other hand enable the concrete interface contact more tightly resulting in a greater resistance to water pressure to have an impermeable plasticity colloid. The water stop strip features high expansion ratio, high flexibility in easy use, excellent capability for balancing and self-healing when placed on the construction joints and after-pouring joints, capability for plugging and sealing of any new small gaps due to subsidence. For completed projects, in case any water leakages from the cracks, it is suggested to use this kind of water stop strip to plug the leakage; the use of this water stop strip also features low cost, easy construction and optimum corrosion resistance etc.
    The water swelling strip includes putty type and finished-product type according to the production process. 


Water Swelling Strip

Technical Standard

      Physical property of putty type water swelling strip:

      Physical property of finished-product type water swelling strip: