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Warp-Knitting Polyester Geogrid

    With high-strength synthetic fiber used as raw material, the warp-knitting polyester geogrid is warp directional structured to have high-strength and high- modulus synthetic fiber strand woven together in warp and weft direction to make full use of the strength of the fabric yarn so that the mechanical property may be substantially improved featuring extreme high tensile strength and tear strength and excellent creep resistance as well. 


Polyester grill

Polyester grille winding


Product Application:
    1ˇ˘Roadbed reinforcement for soft soil of different roads including highway, railway and municipal roads etc; isolation of different soil materials; effective improvement of the strength of the roadbed and delaying the reflection crack of the road;
    2ˇ˘Reinforcement and isolation for the dams and river bed of water conservancy projects; reinforcement of soft soil foundation to enhance its defense capabilities and improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation;
    3ˇ˘Used for reinforcement of the embankment slope and retaining walls to enhance the overall strength;
    4ˇ˘Reinforcement for road and bridge surfaces;


Polyester grill construction

Technical Parameters: