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Double-wall Corrugated Pipe

    The double-wall corrugated pipe is kind of corrugation structured piping made of HDPE or PVC as the main raw material with adding of necessary additives and produced through extrusion and molding process featuring smooth inner walls and corrugated outer walls; both inner and outer walls of the pipe are hollow and tightly welded ring structure.
    Compared with the traditional pipes, the double-wall corrugated pipe has such superior advantages as high ability for withstanding external pressure, low construction cost, easy construction, low coefficient of friction, high flow, low temperature resistance, excellent impact resistance, long service life and good wear resistance etc.

Double-wall Corrugated Pipe


Product application:
    1、Used for water and wastewater drainage of municipal engineering;
    2、Used in construction projects as the rainwater pipe, underground drainage pipe, drainage pipe and vent pipe etc;
    3、Used in electric and telecommunication projects as the protection tube for various power cables;
    4、Used as protection pipe for communication cable and optical fiber cables of railways and highways;
    5、Used in various industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection etc as the wastewater drainage pipes; 
    6、Used in agricultural and horticulture industry as irrigation facility for farmlands, orchards, tea gardens and woods;
    7、Used in road engineering as drainage pipes for railways and express highways;
    8、Used in mine as vent pipe and drainage pipe in mine.

Technical parameters:

    Note: Pipe length can also be offered according to buyer¨s requirement.