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Plastic Blind Drain

    The plastic blind drain, internationally known as geocomposite drainage system (GDS) and also known as three-dimensional drainage board or water drain and collection culvert material in civil engineering, is a kind of three-dimensional porous material produced through heating and melting the thermoplastic synthetic resin and then squeezed to have fiber filaments through the sprayer nozzle and then laminated together and after that welding of the joints. With geotextile fabric wrapped on the main body used as filtering membrane, the product is available with four structure types including porous rectangular type, hollow rectangular type, porous circular type and hollow circular type with different sizes.

Plastic Blind Drain

Product Application:
    1、Drainage of road shoulders of highways and railways;
    2、Drainage of retaining walls vertically and horizontally;
    3、Drainage of subways, underpasses and underground freight yards;
    4、Drainage of slopes such as hill slopes and embankment slopes;
    5、Drainage for treatment of soft soil foundation horizontally;
    6、Drainage of playgrounds, golf courses, baseball fields, soccer fields, parks and other green land sites;
    7、Drainage of coal yards, wastes landfill sites and compost sites etc;
    8、Drainage cushion used in the decompression construction method;
    9、Underground irrigation and drainage systems of agronomy and horticulture industry;
    10、Drainage of building roof gardens;
    11、Filtering materials used in sewage treatment projects.


Finished blind ditch 

Technical parameters: