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Short Fiber Needle-punch Geotextile

    The short fiber needle-punch geotextile is a kind of permeable geosynthetics material made of polyester or polypropylene fiber through needle punch process featuring such functions as isolation, reversed filtering, drainage, protection, securing and reinforcement etc. The material is suitable for use when the ground base is uneven and can withstand any external forces as the result of construction with less creep deformation, the material can still maintain its original functions under long-term loads.

Short Fiber Needle-punch Geotextile

Short Fiber Needle-punch Geotextile

Product Applications:
    1、Apply to flood control and reinforcement works such as water conservancy projects, sea walls, river banks, lake embankments, dams and reservoirs etc;
    2、Apply to reinforcement of soft roadbed of highways, railways and tunnels etc, protection of slopes and isolation green belt of drainage system;
    3、Apply to nuclear power plant projects, railway station dam projects, hydropower engineering, metro engineering and construction engineering.

Product Features:
   1、The excellent air and water permeability of the geotextile can ensure the smooth water flow through the geotextile with the sand and earth effectively retained to prevent soil loss;
    2、The geotextile has a good performance of hydraulic conductivity, it has drainage channels inside the soil structure to discharge any excessive water and air in the soil structure;
    3、Stability of the building structure enhanced and soil quality improved due to the improved tensile strength and anti-deformation ability of the soil structure brought by the geotextile;
    4、Effective diffusion, transfer or disintegration of the concentrated stress to prevent soil destruction by external force;
    5、Prevent mixing of the gravels, soil and concrete between upper and lower layer;
    6、The mesh is not easily plugged C the mesh structure constructed of amorphous fibrous tissue has good flexibility;
    7、High permeability C Excellent water permeability still maintained under soil water pressure;
    8、Corrosion resistance C made of such raw materials as polypropylene fiber or polyester featuring acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, no  damage by insects and antioxidant;
    9、Easy construction - light weight, easy to use, simple construction;

Technical parameters: