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Unidirectional Stretch Geogrid

    The unidirectional stretch geogrid is made of high polymers as the main raw material through special processes of extruding and stretching, which features very high tensile strength and tensile modulus with its performance much better than that of traditional or existing reinforcement materials; The material can provide the soil the ideal stress bearing and diffusion chain system, which is currently one of the most widely used reinforcement materials.

One-way stretch grille

One-way stretch grille

Product Application:
    1、Used for reinforcement of road base of highways, municipal roads, railways and runways etc;
    2、Used for reinforcement of asphalt or concrete road surfaces;
    3、Used for reinforcement of embankments, dam slopes and retaining walls, abutments and steep slopes etc;
    4、Used for reinforcement of river and sea embankments;
    5、Used for wastes landfill sites;
    6、Used as fences for livestock, vegetable plots and orchards featuring safe and convenient use, easy disassembly and assembling and nice-looking appearance. 

One-way geogrid

Laying of uniaxial tension grille

Technical Parameters: