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Vibrating Wire Type Anchorage Dynamometer

    The vibrating wire type anchorage dynamometer is mainly used for measuring and monitoring of the loads and loss of pre-stress of various types of anchors, anchor ropes, rock bolts, pillars, supports in tunnels and underground chambers as well as large-scale pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures (bridges and dams etc.)  

Vibrating Wire Type Anchorage Dynamometer

Working principle:
    The measured loads effected on the anchorage dynamometer will cause the deformation of the elastic cylinder and pass to the vibrating wire resulting in change of the stress of vibrating wire, thus changing the vibration frequency of the vibrating wire. Then the electromagnetic coil will excitine the steel string and measure the vibration frequency and the frequency signal is transmitted by cable to the vibrating wire type readout instrument for display of the measured frequency value and hence calculating the load effected on the anchorage dynamometer. In order to reduce the unevenness and prevent impact from eccentric force, the design considers the installation of three sets of vibrating wire systems which are evenly spaced around the elastic cylinder; direct reading of the average frequency value of all three vibrating wires is possible by connection to the vibrating wire readout instrument.


Technical parameters: