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Geocell, High-strength Geocell

    The plastic geocell is a kind of new-type geosynthetics, which is a three-dimensional network structured geocell made of high polymer sheet material with rivets connections and ultrasonic welding; When use this product, spread on the ground in shape of network and then fill in bulky materials as sand, gravel and clay etc to have integrated structured material.

High-strength Geocell



Product Application:
    1、Used for stabilizing and securing the railway embankment;
    2、Used for stabilizing and securing the highway roadbeds in desert;
    3、Used for treatment of shallow-water rivers;
    4、Used for reinforcement of foundations of retaining walls, piers and levees;
    5、Used for treatment of desert, beaches, riverbed and riparian;


Construction of geocell

Construction of geocell

Outline Dimensions of Geocell:

Technical Data of Geocell: