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Polypropylene Geogrid

    Polypropylene geogrid is made of drafting polypropylene (PP) as the main materials and mixed with anti-aging agent and other additives through extrusion, drafting and forming process to have high-strength and high- precision tensile strip, then the tensile strips are woven at specified gap in longitudinal and transverse directions and then have all the joints welded using ultrasonic welding technology and finally have the mesh-like products; The PP geogrid features high tensile strength, excellent reinforcement effect, easy installation and construction and wide adaptability as well.

PP grille

PP grille

Product Application:
    1¡¢Used for roadbed of highways and railways;
    2¡¢Used for reservoir dams;
    3¡¢Used for airports and freight yards;
    4¡¢Used for reinforcement of soft foundation of municipal construction.

Technical Parameters: