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Fiberglass Geogrid

    With high-quality reinforcement-type alkali-free glass fiber used as raw material, the fiberglass geogrid has its substrate material woven by the warp-knitting machine and is warp directional structured to make full use of the strength of the fabric yarn so that the mechanical property may be substantially improved featuring extreme high tensile strength and tear strength and excellent creep resistance as well; This geogrid is a kind of plane mesh material with high-quality modified asphalt coating on the surfaces; the surface coating has changed the surface property of the fiberglass with its composite performance same as that of the asphalt, which substantially improve the wear resistance and shear resistance of the substrate material; the material may be used in the center finishing coating of the old road after cleaning and planning for purpose of enhancing the strength of the overlay strength and avoid reflection cracks.


Fiberglass grating

Fiberglass grating

Product Application:
    1、Used in road extension or modification projects for prevention and treatment of any possible cracks due of old - new junction and uneven subsidence;
    2、Used for reconstruction of cement concrete road into composite roads to inhibit any possible reflection cracks due to plate shrinkage;
    3、Reinforcement for soft soils of railways, airports and water dams and reinforcement treatment for roadbed, which can facilitate hardening and consolidation of the soft soil, effectively prevent subsidence, make the stress distributed uniformly and enhance the overall strength of roadbed;
    4、Reinforcement for the asphalt surfaces of the old asphalt concrete road surfaces;
    5、Used for solving the problems of shrinkage cracks of the semi-rigid substrate of newly-built roads; reinforcing enhancement for preventing road surface cracks caused by reflection cracks of the foundation.

Fiberglass grille semi-finished products

Fiberglass grille laying

Technical Parameters: