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Steel-plastic flexible permeable hose

    The soft steel-plastic flexible permeable hose uses rust-proof spring ring for supporting of the tube to have high-pressure resistance flexible structure and uses non-woven lining fabric for filtering to prevent the soil and sand from access to inside the tube for purpose of water purifying. The polyester filament winding covering features excellent water absorbing performance, which can quickly collect the excess moisture in the soil. The rubber rib reinforcement makes the covering layer of wall completely integrated with the spring steel ring tube with good all-round permeability so that the permeable water may flow to the tube smoothly with the soil and impurities retained outside the tube, thus achieve the purpose of permeability, filtering and water draining at the same time.


Steel-plastic flexible permeable hose

Steel-plastic flexible permeable hose


Product Application:
    1、Water drain at back of various types of retaining walls both vertically and horizontally;
    2、Water drain for roadbed and road shoulder of highways and railways and soft soil foundation;
    3、Water drain of tunnels and underpass; water drain of ash dam of power plants and water conservancy dams;
    4、Water drain and vegetation protection for center isolation belt of express highways;
    5、Drainage of outdoor sports venues;
    6、Drainage of lateral horizontal drilling;
    7、Drainage and slope protection of places that are easily collapsed;
    8、Drainage of building roof gardens and flower beds;
    9、Hillside soil and water conservation;
    10、Underground drainage of site preparation works;
    11、Low-lying land drainage and saline land transformation system etc.

Technical parameter: