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Inclinometer tube

    The inclinometer tube is a kind of new-type tube working with the inclinometer for measuring the stability of various types of dams, slopes, foundation pits, foundations, piles and cofferdams; According to different materials used, the inclinometer tube may include PV6C inclinometer pipe and ABS inclinometer tube. 

abs Inclinometer tube

Inclinometer tube

PVC inclinometer tube:
    The PVC inclinometer tube is made of PVC type 5 and type 6 resin powder through processing and granulation first and then followed by one-time extrusion molding process. The inclinometer tube is connected to the inclinometer fittings through concave-convex slot connection and then fixed by self-tapping screws. Inside the inclinometer tube is provided guide groove with 90กใ gap for orientation of inclinometer probe in order to ensure light weight, high strength, resistant to environmental corrosion and no twisting of the guide groove of the inclinometer tube.

ABS inclinometer tube:
    ABS inclinometer tube is made of ABS high-strength plastic through one-time extrusion molding process. In addition to the advantages of traditional PVC inclinometer tube, ABS inclinometer proofs much better performance than the PVC inclinometer tube in terms of impact strength and tenacity.

Technical parameters: