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Portable Frequency Readout Instrument

    The portable frequency readout instrument is the data acquisition instrument of the multi-function vibrating wire transducer and it supports the measuring by a variety of temperature sensors; the measured physical values may be displayed directly by setting procedure; the acquired real-time data may be uploaded through the communication cable to the computer for further analysis and processing of the data; data acquisition by multiple sensors from 32 points and 64 points data acquisition box is made possible automatically through the use of switching-over ports. 

Portable Frequency Readout Instrument

    The instrument is designed with consideration for portable use, sealed structure and waterproofing in order to be suitable for severe working environments;
    The CPU used adopts advanced AVR structure featuring high anti-interference ability, high-precision and high-resolution;
    The data acquisition and storage may be either manually or automatically; high data storage capacity up to ten thousand data; data stored includes the frequency, temperature and time.