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Bidirectional Stretch Geogrid

    The bidirectional stretch plastic geogrid is a kind of high-strength geotextile material with the high polymers used as the main raw materials produced specially through extruding and two-way stretch process. Featuring great tensile strength both vertically and horizontally, the material has been widely used for reinforcement of soft foundation. The confining stress on the road substrate brought by this material can effectively distribute the load on the wider earth foundation, which can improve the capacity of the foundation for withstanding repeated loads and the ability for resistance to mechanical damage as well as high durability. The material is mainly used treatment of soft soil foundation and for reinforced soil structure.

Two-way stretch grille

Two-way stretch grille

Product Application:
    1、Used for reinforcing of road surfaces and roadbeds of highways, railways and airports;
    2、Used for reinforcement of soil foundation subject to permanent loads in large parking lots, wharfs and stockpile yards etc;
    3、Used for protection of the slopes of railways and highways;
    4、Used for reinforcement of culverts and tunnels;
    5、Suitable for secondary reinforcement of soil slopes after completion of reinforcement by unidirectional stretch geogrid for further enhancing the reinforcement of soil slopes and prevention of soil erosion;
    6、Suitable for reinforcement of mines and tunnels;
    7、Used as special mesh for husbandry and livestock industry;
    8、Used as special mesh for fish culture in net pen.



Two-way geogrid

Technical Parameters: