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Steel-Plastic Geogrid

    The steel-plastic geogrid is a kind of steel-plastic composite reinforcement strip (built-in high-strength carbon spring steel wire inside <load-carrying material> with polypropylene resin (protection material) wrapped outside), which is positioned in right angle at plane warp and weft direction and then by ultrasonic welding to have the final composite geotextile material;
    The steel-plastic geogrid features high tensile strength, less deformation, good rigidity and flexibility, excellent anti-aging and durability, significant reinforcing effect, easy construction and installation, low cost and wide adaptations.

Steel-plastic grille

Product Application:
    The product may be widely used in different civil works projects including highways, railways, embankments, abutments, construction sidewalk, piers, revetments, levees, dams, mudflat treatment, freight yard, residue field, airports, playgrounds, environmental-friendly buildings, soft soil reinforcement, retaining walls, slope protections and road anti-inferior projects etc. 

Steel-plastic geotextile grille schematic

Construction of steel-plastic grille 

Technical Parameters: