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Three-dimensional Composite Drainage Network

    The three-dimensional composite drainage network is made of unique three-dimensional geonet with both sides bonded geotextile. The product combines the advantages of both geotextile (reversed filtration effect) and geonet (drainage and protective effect) to provide a complete ^reversed filtration - drainage - protection "effect.
   The unique three-dimensional structure of the network core of three-dimensional composite drainage network makes it possible for withstanding higher compression loads and can maintain a considerable thickness and good hydraulic conductivity during the entire operation process.

Three-dimensional Composite Drainage Network

Product Features:
    1、High ability for drainage (equivalent to one meter thick gravel);
    2、High tensile strength;
    3、Reduce of the possibility of embedding of geotextile in the network core to maintain long-term stability of the drainage;
    4、Capability for withstanding high pressure loading long time (Capable of withstanding compression load of approximately 3000Ka);
    5、Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life;
    6、Convenient construction, short construction period and reduced cost;

Product Application:

    1、Drainage of Landfill site;
    2、Drainage of highway roadbeds and road surfaces;
    3、Railway drainage;
    4、Tunnel drainage;
    5、Drainage of underground structures;
    6、Drainage at back of retaining walls;
    7、Drainage of gardens and sports grounds;

Technical specification and parameters of three-dimensional composite drainage network :