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Contrast introduction of a single two-way plastic geogrid

    Plastic geogrid geotextile material in the more common kind of press forming is divided into single-way plastic geogrid, following platinum sail network industry to introduce the difference between a single two-way plastic grille.
    One-way plastic geogrid is uniform in the extruded polymer punch, and then heating the stereotypes made ​​of mesh material, according to the different raw materials can be divided into one-way polypropylene geogrid, unidirectional polyethylene geogrid: the characteristics of this material is very high tensile strength and tensile modulus in the tensile direction, which give the soil provides an ideal chain system, and stretch low. Is the ideal reinforced reinforcement material.
    One-way plastic geogrid applies to:
    1. To enhance embankment efficient allocation of the proliferation of the load, to improve the stability and bearing capacity of the subgrade, and extend the service life;
    2. Can withstand greater alternating load;
    3. Prevent subgrade deformation, cracking caused by the loss of foundation material;
    4. Fill in the retaining wall to improve self-supporting capacity, reduce the earth pressure of retaining walls, to save costs, extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs;
    5. Combined gunite concrete construction methods for slope maintenance can not only save 30% -50% of the investment, and can shorten the construction period more than doubled;
    6. Geogrid in highway roadbed and surface, can reduce the deflection and reduce rut, to postpone the cracks of 3-9 times can reduce the structural thickness of up to 36%;
    7. applies to all kinds of soil, no material off-site, saving time and labor;
    Two-way plastic geogrid is to do again, stretching from the square hole on the basis of a one-way geogrid mesh material, raw material polypropylene, have greater tensile strength of the material in the vertical and horizontal and modulus. This structure in the soil to provide a more complete chain system, and thus the basis of carrying a large area of ​​permanent enhancement.
    Two-way plastic geogrid is applicable to various dams and embankment reinforcement, slope protection, wall reinforcement, reinforcing the foundations of the permanent bearer of the major airports, parking, terminal freight yard.