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Plastic blind ditch and its characteristics

    Plastic blind ditch is the heating and melting of the thermoplastic synthetic resin through the nozzle after the extrusion of filaments superposed together, and its phase dissolved Results from the three-dimensional porous materials. Wrapped in geotextile fabric as the main outer membrane, a porous rectangular, hollow rectangular porous circular, hollow circular four kinds of structure, with a variety of sizes Twenty years abroad, has been widely used in the tunnel impermeable drainage, railroad-highway roadbed drainage, soft embankment, retaining wall filtration, slope and slope, drainage, underground construction, drainage moisture, lawns set of drainage system, rooftop garden, set drainage, sewage treatment plants and garbage landfill types of projects, generally welcomed by the engineering sector.

    Plastic blind ditch materials and other materials of blind ditch has the following features:
    1. Compressive strength, good pressure resistance
    Plastic blind ditch many of the same toughness root modified plastic wire the financial statement is made, does not exist the possibility of pressure off and destroyed. 250KPa pressure, the cross-section porosity remains above 60%, even if they exert greater pressure, there is always through the water gap, 10-15% porosity and good reply.
    2. High surface openings, set drainage
    The surface of the plastic blind ditch average open porosity of 90-95%, much higher than other similar products. Can be the most effective collection of soil, water seepage, and timeliness of pooling to drain away.
    3. The life of the permanent
    Plastic blind ditch desert made of corrosion-resistant fiber filter and three-dimensional mesh of the modified polyethylene combination, have in the soil, water, never the degradation of the advantages to be anti-aging formula, permanent material can be maintained unchanged features.
    4. Membrane selectively
    Plastic blind ditch of the membrane can be selected according to different soil conditions, and fully meet the needs of the project, and to avoid the single drawback of the old product membrane.
    5. Easy construction
    Light weight plastic blind ditch, site construction and installation is very convenient. Construction efficiency is greatly accelerated.
    6. Flexible, and adapt to the soil deformation