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Inclinometer tube

    Use the occasion of the inclinometer tube more construction methods and conditions are not identical, and so laid is not exactly the same.
    1. Drilling
    Engineering drilling machines, commonly used 108cm drill hole in order to make pipe smoothly finished installed in place are generally required installation depth is deeper, its principle is more than 10 m drilling depth 0.5 m, 10 m + 0.5 m = 10.5 m, 20 m +1 m = 21 m, and so on.
    2. Chiang Khong
    Immediately after the drill bit to drill down to the predetermined position, do not mention drilling, received the pump down the water in irrigation water until the muddy water into the clear mixing with water until immediately after the mention of drilling installation.
    3. The installation
    Installation process can be divided into three steps
    a. Tube connected:
    I plant the factory tube length of 2 m / root, 4 m / root are connected to the use of plug connections, first pick up an inclinometer pipe put the case back in one end there is no external connector M4 10, three self-tapping screws exploration tight (this is the bottom of each well of a pipe) you can pipe to the hole under the next section, and then out a tube inserted within the fitting, then you must pay attention to is it fixed, and then the three M4 10 self-tapping screws must be plugged into the tube end plane phase to be considered as the connector connection is completed, this method has been connected to the length of the design.
    b. The alignment direction:
    Tube in place, the alignment direction is required in order to backfill the alignment direction of the requirement is that two pairs of grooves on the inner surface of pipes, first need to remove the external connector on the section above the orifice inclinometer pipe (release 3 can be used only screw can be removed) to see the notch in the tube, you need a pair of grooves in the tube perpendicular to the measuring surface, turn the tube can be implemented, one would not turn in more than rotation before the first tube lift after rotational alignment, the alignment and then the pressure tube in place, direction tune just close the lid and tighten the screws on backfill.
    c. To backfill the hole, the need to pay particular attention to two things:
    The next tube in order to reduce its buoyancy, and water (tap water, river water, etc.) while under the tube to tube filling, while filling the water until a smooth place. Water can not put too much, otherwise the tube will sink quickly people catch while out in the hole, unable to work. Tube (a hole) down to the location, must take the water is full, doing so can reduce the slurry into the tube formation of precipitation.
    Inclinometer tube outside one pair of grooves, the groove is eccentric (in order to ensure the accuracy of the inclinometer tube to minimize the generation of the twist angle, the connection method according to the production direction of the pipe connection) and the convex slot compatible with the external connector tube into the tube rotation in one direction can be smoothly inserted into the plug no less, because the connection method only in one direction can be plugged into the other direction it does not go.