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    Warp-Knitting Polyester Geogrid
        With high-strength synthetic fiber used as raw material, the warp-knitting polyester geogrid is warp directional structured to have high-strength and high- modulus synthetic fiber strand woven together in warp and weft direction to make full use of the strength of the fabric yarn
    Polypropylene Geogrid
        Polypropylene geogrid is made of drafting polypropylene (PP) as the main materials and mixed with anti-aging agent and other additives through extrusion, drafting and forming process to have high-strength and high- precision tensile strip, then the tensile strips are woven at spec
    Steel-plastic flexible permeable hose
        The soft steel-plastic flexible permeable hose uses rust-proof spring ring for supporting of the tube to have high-pressure resistance flexible structure and uses non-woven lining fabric for filtering to prevent the soil and sand from access to inside the tube for purpose of water
    Plastic Blind Drain
        The plastic blind drain, internationally known as geocomposite drainage system (GDS) and also known as three-dimensional drainage board or water drain and collection culvert material in civil engineering, is a kind of three-dimensional porous material produced through heating and
    Vibrating wire reinforcement tensiometer
        The vibrating wire reinforcement tensiometer is normally used for safety monitoring in the excavation of deep foundation pits and all types of concrete projects including building foundations, piles, diaphragm walls, tunnel lining, bridges, slopes, piers, docks and gates etc for m
    Vibrating Wire Type Soil Pressure Gauge
        The vibrating wire soil pressure gauge is an instrument successfully researched and developed by our company featuring satisfactory performance, safety and reliable performance, which has been widely used for measuring of the pressure stress of the foundations effected by the soil
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    Plastic geogrid geotextile material in the more common kind of press forming is divided into single-way plastic geogrid, following